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Tim Onions Chess Supplies

Located on the sunny coast of South Devon, Tim Onions' chess business is the source for your junior chess needs! As well as providing chess equipment, books and tournament stationery, Tim is also able to supply and engrave trophies and medals. Tim runs chess events and residentials for the junior age group as well as arranging supervised groups at some tournaments.

Tim, a primary school teacher, manages some of Devon's County junior teams and organises many of the events run by the Devon Junior Chess Association. He also runs school chess clubs in Devon.

Tim has written a number of books for younger players, as well as producing his own chess score sheets and scorebooks. He can also supply pairing cards and boards. If you have read one of the books in Ten Ways to Chess Success series, written with Dave Regis, you might want to look at our recommended books. Dave also has his own website with excellent resources for chess teachers and young players and some material that was squeezed out of the books.

Everything you need to run your junior chess club or event.

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